Clutter Box
Clutter Box
{clut.ter} A confused or disordered state or collection; A jumble

S    E    L    F    -

P    O    R    T    R    A    I    T

P    R    O    J    E    C    T


About the project

A long time ago, a blogger I followed hosted a weekly self-portrait challenge. I joined purely out of boredom and a need to be creative and discovered something I was passionate about. Portraits started off as a way to record my outfits and with each image I grew more confident in who I was as a person. Seeing my image on the screen taught me much about self love and self respect. My portraits are very different from when I first started. I use them to help me express the emotions I am feeling. Words tend to fail me on their own, but when mixed with an image they come alive.

P    r    e    v    i    o    u    s

Y    e    a    r    s



The year of becoming me and finding out what that means.


Continuing to grow as a photographer and adding words to further explore that growth. 


Visually exploring the world of self portraits, taking it from base outfit photos to a little more.


Personal life was excellent, work like was miserable. Finding balance was a struggling.


Becoming more adventurous, I got creative with how I captured my images.


Short hair and red eyes. But excited by life and the changes being made. 


A year of learning what I was willing to do for the betterment of my relationship. 


Low on confidence and looking to track what I wore, I started taking Self Portraits.